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Initial release of the year 99, review of their status

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In most cases, the shares offered in the initial public offering were accompanied by good profits and returns. This is a valuable and important opportunity for buyers and is one of the most popular stock exchange events. About 5 million people are participating in these proposals.

initial release IPO (IPO) Simply put, an IPO occurs when a company first sells its stock on a stock exchange. In other words, when a company’s stock is first bought by people on the stock exchange. In the following, we are going to mention the initial release of the year 1399.

In the past, initial public offerings were made publicly and orders were sent simultaneously to the central core of the exchange. Meanwhile, due to this congestion, a large number of investors did not reach the initial public offering. Currently, due to these problems, initial offers are provided through the order registration method. In this method, the orderable time, price and quantity are announced and then you can order at any time during the announced period. Sooner or later, order registration has no effect on the number of shares received.


*** Features of initial release by order registration method

Order registration has a time limit. For example, from 10 to 12:30

The order registration price is also specified in advance in this method and the highest and lowest prices are announced. For example, from 280 to 310 Tomans

The maximum number of shares that each person can apply for will also be announced at the time of the initial public offering.

Because the demand for these stocks is high. Almost everyone asks for the highest price when ordering.


*** Initial release of the year 99

Following the stock market boom earlier this year and the overall index growing somewhat higher than expected, officials also chanted slogans about deepening the capital market and supporting it through initial public offering. And it was mentioned that in 1399, we will see the initial release almost every week.

“This year, we will see the initial public offering in the OTC market almost every weekend,” said Afsaneh Orouji, OTC Vice President of the OTC Market, in an interview on April 1, 2016. He added: “Our goal in 1399 is to have at least six to seven initial proposals in each season.”


*** The first initial version in 1399

The first initial offer in 1399 was related to Saba Tamin Investment Company with the symbol (Saba), which was made on April 10. In this offer, the maximum share that could be bought was 1,200 shares and the investment distance was between 1,100 and 1,200 tomans.


*** The last initial version of the year 99 until the beginning of November

With this description of the initial public offering in 1399, the last initial offer this year was related to September 11, when Sepehr Saderat Financial Company (Vespehr), a subsidiary of Bank Saderat, was launched. According to statistics published in this initial public offering (Vespehr), there are 5,457,661 trading codes. Finally, the shares of Sepehr Saderat Financial Company were assigned to 5,457,659 trading codes.

No shares were offered in September this year. But for 1399, there are several initial releases in the supply queue.


*** initial release status report

Last week, the overall index of the Tehran Stock Exchange fell by nearly 10 percent and once again exceeded its support range. The decline came as the price of the currency fell sharply in the last days of the week. Another important event this week was the start of allocating the first units of the refinery fund to applicants.

October is usually the season for publishing financial statements between companies, and over the past week, a number of symbols on our list have also published this information.

In the following, we will examine the most important events that occurred in the symbols in the initial supply list:

Last week, Samid sent two important announcements. The first was related to the publication of the company’s 9-month financial statements and the second was the disclosure of the results of the company’s real estate auction.

Gadna released its six-month financial statements on Wednesday. According to these financial statements, in the last 6 months, the company’s operating income has decreased by about 57% compared to the same period last year, which is due to the high share of the company’s activities in the field of rail catering. This was not unexpected from Corona.

Sharom also released its six-month financial statements on Wednesday, showing the company growing operations by about 27 percent.

With the publication of its 6-month financial statements, Rafza announced a significant increase in operating income (about 480% compared to the same period last year).

In its six-month financial statements, Ghagila reported a 33 percent increase in operating profit over the same period last year.


*** The most important events

In the following, we will examine the most important events that occurred in the symbols in the initial supply list:

Market fluctuations these days have not left the initial supply unlucky, and the number of symbols that have maintained their queue after the initial release is gradually decreasing. In addition, given the market situation in recent weeks, despite the readiness of several companies for the initial public offering, no offer has been made, which of course was not unexpected.

Shadsfah: The deadline for using the right of priority has been extended until November 30.

Zemlard: Stocks that lost their buying queue in the middle of last week, reached the buying queue again on the last trading day of this week and were one step above their price ceiling. The trading volume on Wednesday was about 5 times the monthly average of this symbol and the second largest trading volume in the days after the initial release.

Samid: This symbol, which had lost its buying queue since the beginning of last week, started the upward trend again from the beginning of this week, and at the end of the week, it was able to break its previous price ceiling.

Vespehr: Despite breaking the shopping queue several times, Vespehr was able to increase the price by more than 50% in two weeks. On Wednesday, the symbol was stopped due to a 50% price fluctuation for the information conference.

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