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Supplies of iron ore in the commodity exchange in recent months

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The supply of iron ore in the commodity exchange is a very good event that can have high benefits for all participants in the steel supply chain. In this regard, acceptable offers have been made in the commodity exchange.

Last week in the Commodity Exchange, what was visible was the supply of mineral goods that were hidden in warehouses during the days when the price was rising and were looking for a more favorable perspective of the owners of liquidity to be offered to the stock exchange, but with structural changes. In the last twenty days, we are witnessing the trend of market transactions in+ Schalke Commodity Exchange pricing, and we are witnessing a high volume of supply, especially in the mining and iron ore sectors. In this analysis, we will deal with this issue more. Please be with Artan Press.


*** The latest evaluation of offers in the commodity exchange

In the week ending February 6, 718,572 tons of goods worth more than 101,000 billion rials were traded on the Iran Commodity Exchange, which experienced a growth of 4% and 42% in volume and value of transactions, respectively. Industrial and mineral products 400 thousand 688 tons of goods worth 61 thousand 798 billion rials were traded.

In this hall, 336,798 tons of steel, 7,200 tons of copper, 6,555 tons of aluminum, 120 tons of molybdenum concentrate, 15 tons of precious metal concentrate, 50,000 tons of granulated iron ore and 41 kilograms of gold ingots by Customers were purchased.


*** Supply supply with energy markets

The supply in the commodity markets of the Commodity Exchange caused the energy market to be accompanied by heavy supply. Because the factors of the energy sector are strongly dependent on the market conditions of the Iranian mining industry. During the mentioned trading week, 313,691 tons of goods worth 39,240 billion rials were sold in the domestic and export sections of the Petroleum and Petrochemical Products Hall. In this hall, 55,050 tons of vacuum baton, 99,770 tons of bitumen, 84,843 tons of polymer materials, 35,06 tons of chemicals, 34,500 tons of lob cut, 3,162 tons of base oil, 50 tons of argon and 325 tons of sulfur were traded. Also, 4,193 tons of goods were sold in the secondary market of Iran Commodity Exchange.


*** Supply of Imidro iron ore in commodity exchange

Following the supply of iron ore on Saturday last week in the Commodity Exchange, which was done in cooperation with Imidro, the Association informed the stock exchange and the Deputy Supervisor of the market about the defects in this supply. Accordingly, a meeting was held with the presence of members of the Iron Ore Association and the Deputy Supervisor of the Commodity Exchange Market, and it was decided to continue the supply of two concentrate and pellet products in the Exchange.


*** Requirement of supply of iron ore in commodity exchange

The requirement for the supply of the entire steel chain in the commodity exchange has been pursued by the government and the parliament, even in a situation where the potential for reviewing the notification procedure of the Ministry of Silence to manage this market is very high. This means that efforts to manage the steel market based on the mechanism of supply and demand are serious, and given the existing experience, we do not envisage a better platform for the commodity exchange. Meanwhile, the steel chain starts with minerals such as iron ore and coal and will continue until the final product.


*** Advantages of iron ore supply in commodity exchange

There is the ability to use stock exchange tools for transparency and rationalization of prices of products such as iron ore in the commodity exchange, and with the coordination made and according to the memorandum that will be signed with the commodity exchange early next week, concentrate and pellets will be offered in the commodity exchange. To be. The most important discussion in this meeting was how to admit companies to the Commodity Exchange.


*** Evaluation of companies supplying iron ore in the commodity exchange

Regarding the process of admission of companies supplying the Commodity Exchange, companies must send the admission registration process and the required forms to the association in order to coordinate with the companies. Also, the names of companies producing concentrate and pellets should be provided to the Commodity Exchange by the Association in order to accelerate the process of admission to the Exchange for companies.


*** Supply of iron ore by consumers

Most of the country’s mining is done by companies that are consumers themselves For example, Gol Gohar, due to having concentrate and pelletizing units, consumes most of its production in these units. However, in the case of some of these extractions, which are in the hands of the government or government entities and have not yet been transferred in the transfer issue, Imidro’s plan is to offer products on the Commodity Exchange. Therefore, we will definitely offer granulated iron ore in Chah-e-Gaz mine and some other mines in the stock exchange, and the supply of these shipments will continue.


*** Special opportunity for iron ore buyers

In the current situation, there is a unique opportunity for buyers of iron ore. It is not clear that the above offerings will last forever, and if the consuming units are legally connected to the mines in the extraction and sale auctions, this iron ore will be used in the production cycle of the mentioned units.


*** Chadormelo iron ore supplies

Chadormelo will offer 500,000 tons of iron ore to meet the needs of steel units, especially steel, in an open auction on the commodity exchange, he said: “We have good reserves to explore and we will provide this news to our shareholders as soon as more information is available.”

For the first time, iron ore trades are traded in transparent stock exchanges. These offers, which are done in the form of Open Auction, make real buyers able to compete with each other. There is always a need to create an organized market for free supply and demand and to achieve positive effects in the country and the commodity exchange. It was able to create an atmosphere that would reduce the inflammation of the steel market. He said: the approval of the plan to regulate the steel market should be considered in the parliament so that this plan does not stand in the way of the steel industry.


*** Still to evaluate supply Iron ore is early

Prices can not be expected to be close to the range of global rates because domestic sales prices are still determined based on existing directives, but rates can be expected to be a percentage higher than the prices approved in the directives and closer to the real rate. To be. For example, the current coefficient of 16 to 18 percent for the price of concentrate is estimated by considering the limited fluctuations that lower grade iron ore is traded in the open market on this price basis.


*** Ordering pricing, commodity exchange pest

As long as we see grammatical pricing and such indicators and coefficients in the market, it will definitely take time to reach more realistic coefficients based on global rates; But at the beginning of such measures in order to realize prices and move away from the grammatical approach of the economy is considered very desirable.


Artan Press

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