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Test four budget options

The governor of the central bank introduced four healthy options for financing the budget deficit: "reducing financial costs", "increasing tax revenues", "selling government shares and property" and "issuing bonds or pre-selling goods such as oil".Abdul Nasser Hemmati's remarks show that the first three options face limitations; Because the capacity to increase tax revenue and reduce spending for the government and parliament in the shadow of the corona is limited, the issuance of bonds is being pursued despite obstacles. But from the point of view of the monetary policymaker, the fourth option, known as the economic opening plan, has two advantages: first, it can manage inflation expectations, and second, it can bring more profit to bondholders at a lower cost than bonds. .Rejecting the hypothesis of indebtedness of future governments, the governor of the central bank stressed: "The issuance of any bonds is an tried and tested method for smoothing government spending and reducing economic fluctuations at the macroeconomic level." Yesterday, the President strongly defended the "economic opening".