Engineer Gholam Reza Khaliqi, deputy chairman of the West Asian Steel Board of Directors, told Chilan about the company's acquisition of nominal capacity, saying that achieving West Asian steel's nominal capacity is based on two components of domestic and equipment readiness, and the other, demand in the dependent market Was. Although demand has existed in the past, sanctions have made it even better for home-grown products than before.

Khalichi added: "Now, the offers from Italy to buy from West Asian steel have been received and it is unfortunate that, despite the approval of the products of the company by foreign parties and the readability of our products with Mobarakeh Steel in quality, still domestic companies, especially Iqbal automakers And do not believe in domestic products. Though good things are happening and Iran Khodro started our cooperation with us in the past year and expressed satisfaction.

West Asian Steel Board Deputy Chairman of the West Asian Steel Development Council said: "According to the prospect of 1404, about 20 million tons of flat products will be produced in the country, of which 8 million tons of cold rolling will be, so that we can share We maintain our market share of 20%, we decided to expand under the ceiling.

Gulfi stated that the development plan was one of the national needs and needs of the factory, underlining the development of the sub-roof and increasing production capacity twice the current capacity, with one-tenth of the total capitalization of the plant.

Vice President of Western Asia's Board of Directors about the development of galvanizing appliances, said: "Most of the galvanized production in the country is of industrial and construction type, so we decided to launch a home-made galvanizing unit. Initial agreements have been made with the SMS company, but its operation is subject to sanctions, but the foreign side has not announced a cut off. We hope that this project will be initiated through the provision of bank and financial resources through the National Development Bank and the Sepah Bank. It is hoped that the sanctions will not affect the agreements, which will allow us to set up this unit in the next two years.

He agreed with the SMS and stated: According to the agreement, about 100,000 tons of manufactured products will be exported to Europe, including Italy and Germany.

Khaliqi continued: the nominal capacity of the development plan would be one million tons of cold rolling and 250 thousand tons of galvanized household appliances, and given the availability of infrastructure and even the construction of a part of the factory hall, it is safe to say that the physical progress of the hand is 30 percent We have found. By implementing this development plan, the number of direct employees of the company will reach 1200.

The vice chairman of the West Asian Steel Board also promising that the plant will be profitable this year, saying the profit is directly related to the capacity of the plant, and this year we expect to reach 420 to 430 thousand tons, so we will definitely be profitable.

Khalighi referred to the industrial waste water plan and the state of water consumption in the factory, and said: West Asia Steel daily takes about 600 cubic meters of water from the entire pipeline, which will be completed by the second phase of the wastewater treatment plant to 100 cubic meters. 500 cubic meters is rotated.

Vice Chairman of the West Asian Steel Board of Directors on the market impact of the recent Steel Steel Regulation, stated: Any regulatory pricing would be a stopping factor for industries. The reason for the growth of the steel industry in recent years is that the government has not intervened, and certainly the instructions are not the result of stopping development projects, and it must be admitted that such an orderly pricing will definitely fail.