According to ISNA, Dr. Nahavandian said to reporters: "The two-day trip to Lorestan was a great opportunity, we used the views of the elites of the province, and we talked with artisans, miners and farmers.

"On this trip, we have been pursuing a national urban regeneration plan, and we have been discussing with Lorestan authorities the priorities of government and employment that were especially popular in Lorestan," he said.

Nahavandian added: Lorestan can be one of the provinces contributing to the sustainable growth of the country's economy.

"The productivity of the cultivation and industry was incredible in discussing the use of water and raising the productivity of agricultural production," said the vice president, saying that we were visiting one of two projects based on the knowledge economy. If using these technologies to optimize the use of water in agriculture, it really can be said that the concern for this next generation and the Iranian plateau can be resolved.

He added: "Lorestan has a very high potential in relation to medicinal plants, and it can be of high value with agricultural industries."

The official said: Government policies in support of exports and production in the year that was sponsored by the Iranian goods were discussed on this trip.

Nahavandian said: "Economic activists are the main capital of production and growth, and they must be able to use the facilities that exist in the country and the government's support in its policies."

He added: Our problems are in the process of economic harmony, that is, we do not have enough facilities in the country, but unfortunately, due to some inconsistencies, they do not reach the desired goal.

Nahavandian stated: "We have the necessary administrative reforms and coordination between the organizations involved and effective in the economy. Today's issue of our economy is coherence and harmony. At the highest levels of the system, emphasis is more on coordination. The same thing the Supreme Leader had in the formation of the Superior Economic Coordination Board, which is well-suited for the direction.

He said: "We want to put all our facilities together in three branches in different institutions, especially in the private sector. I hope that Lorestan will be one of the leading provinces in tourism, agriculture, industry and services.

"The government and the system's sustained policy of increasing relations with all countries," said the official, "that a particular country is in the slightest doubt that it can limit or determine the connections of the great Iranian nation is a very false impression.

The vice president said that the political and economic ties with most of our neighbors are more and more deeply past than before.

He said: "The United States has only survived Iran's politics and the majority of countries in the world support Iran's right to international stance, and certainly our conditions today are much better than the past."

Source: ISNA