During the past two years, steel units have been able to expand their export markets and achieve new export markets, The United States may be affected by this event. Of course, one of the suggestions for export is the creation of regional markets.

Where export incentives are needed, the government should provide incentives for exports and apply appropriate tariffs. The rules must be applied on the basis of changing sales and export conditions.
 Internal positioning is worse than sanctions.
 On the departure of America, Sayed Reza Shahrestani, a member of the board of directors of the Steel Manufacturers Association, also said in an interview with Mr. Hamid: "There are some positions The interior is far worse than the positions foreigners have towards us. The issue is the government's emphasis on the USD 4200 USD, while the government should consider exporting export incentives.
. The market should set itself up with the supply and demand of the dollar, so that the real rate is formed. At the moment, both from the United States and from domestic politics, manufacturers are hit, and if we do not think about it, it may turn out to be a catastrophe and many factories are shut down. "We have the Iraqi and Afghan markets, which they are not keen on," he answered, wondering if we can create a regional steel market. On the other hand, Arab countries are with the United States and do not want to cooperate with us Not experienced.
 Mansoor Yazdizadeh, CEO of the National Steel Company of Iran, in an interview with SMT, in reply to the question "This year's forecast of 12 million tons of steel exports, do you think that with the withdrawal of America to proceed? The amount of steel exports will be reduced, "he said." It is likely that US withdrawal will be effective on steel exports, and it's not like claiming that without America, a 100% increase in exports will be unaffected. " Yazidzada further noted: Of course, the issue is that we have always been in a boycott, and sanctions are not a new issue for us, but only . "We need to engage more with the world and go towards producing new energies like solar energy," he said. For example, a country like Saudi Arabia is investing in solar energy
Sanctions vary from one era to another. He added: "At the moment, I do not think the new conditions would create a problem for the country's production, but it may affect exports to some extent."
 Facility disappears
 The facilities are being eroded.
 In the course of the year, the flow of exports to steel was very fluid. This was stated by Aziz Qanavi, the managing director of the Amir Kabir Steel, in an interview with Samat, saying: what happened after the deal was to facilitate international relations in the field of exports . In other words, we were able to export wherever we want. The next issue was the reduction of export costs. In addition, in this era, new marketing for export-oriented companies was carried out, and many units were able to reach new markets, in addition to exporting target countries that were from the past. Qanavi continued: We also saw stability in the currency. Hence, exports were economically justified, and many large steel companies were outsourced. If we looked at their performance in the year of 1996, we would find that these companies enjoyed a good profit. Pointing to the departure of America, he said: "With the withdrawal of the United States we will not be faced with facilitation of exports, we will lose the export markets we have worked on, and export costs will increase." From now on, export should be done with different titles and it will take a long time to receive the currency. The managing director of Kashmir's Amir Kabir Steel said: "Of course, according to the government-designated currency, there will be no more export-oriented exports for the private sector, which does not have the full chain, and even those units that have full chains." And this will make us lose the market we have gotten, and we will face the surplus of production, which will allow both domestic sales and export to be reduced. He continued: given the allocation of no budget for construction this year and the stabilization of the exchange rate and coin ... the domestic production area will not boost and may return to the situation of the year 95, which our warehouses were full of goods. This causes some manufacturers to cut production or exit, as in the uncertainties of the market earlier this year, many units did not produce. He said the region's markets are more affected by political events than the region's regional markets can not provide for further exports. For example, market-based attitudes and policies, such as Iraq, have changed with the change in political rule. The new Iraqi election has a different approach to the past and may limit our exports to Iraq. Political change is also very influential in Syria and in the countries of the region and affects their markets. Therefore, we can not have long-term planning. "On the other hand, domestic support laws should be flexible and away from political pressures to support domestic commodities," he added. Managing director of Kashan Steel, Amir Kabir, said: "At the moment, we are in the best position to engage the state with the private sector to formulate regulations in a manner that does not create a problem in domestic production and exports. .