This sale stopped at the same time as before, and the beginning of the day, the range of sales prices for rebar was announced in the interval from 3850 to 4000 USD.

The activity of all steel fields is now almost suspended, which is more affected by fear and caution.

Still, the root cause of the rise in today's prices is not yet clear for us, but it is surely the rise today of a command center and a coordinated consensus.

Perhaps it would be irrelevant if one of the senior officials of the Association of Steel Producers to comment on their point of view was to measure the pricing of steel products in the domestic market based on the secondary market rate of exchange.

At present, and considering the minimum tariff of 3900 USD, the riveting rivets in the domestic market, regardless of the value added tax, are proposed at 3570 USD, which is based on a Turkish average price of 538 USD per tonne of FOB Turkey:
3570 * 1000/538 ~ = 6600
In fact, until today, what has been said in this market is the price of a barrel that has so far reached the frontier of $ 6600 in steel.

Another issue is the rentier that disappears after the stock exchange disappears, the appearance of the cases shows that a limited amount of bullion has been sold at a rate of up to 2800 tomans on the stock exchange, but in the free and outbound market, this kind of merchandise has been traded at 3250. .

Of all this, more importantly, today, through some of the union managers, we were informed that due to the current state of the country and the entry into the Cold War, it appears that at a meeting today with some officials from the Ministry of Education, the system of remittance or In fact, the distribution of certain basic goods under the supervision of government sanctions is likely to be re-enforced. But it is unclear whether steel is already a part of these commodities, but given the fact that the government is currently insisting on receiving and injection of steel exports in the Nima system, it seems unlikely that it would discard this source of income. Therefore, assuming continued steel bonding in the dollar and not entering the secondary market, the probability that steel will be on the domestic market will be two (free shipping and free market).