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The latest news in the field of bitcoin

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The Bitcoin market has had some very dreamy days in recent days and has been able to break its historical record last year by a wide margin.
The latest news in the field of bitcoin

The Bitcoin market has had some very dreamy days in recent days and has been able to break its historical record last year by a wide margin. The issue of investing in Bitcoin has provided a new arena for activists and investors whose trading structure is different from all parallel markets. The risk of digital currency market is very high due to the dollar nature of this business and the range of profits and losses With it more than other markets. Therefore, you should be careful to invest more carefully in the days when this currency has built a ceiling. Follow Artan Press to check the latest Bitcoin news.

According to the latest bitcoin pricing news, the value of bitcoin rose to $ 28,300 and then returned to its current level of $ 27,273. The virtual currency is currently ranked 11th among major global assets such as Facebook, Apple, Visa and Tesla. By continuing this path, Bitcoin will most likely be accompanied by a growth in capital attraction in the new year.


*** Unprecedented growth of bitcoin in recent days

According to the latest reports received from Bitcoin pricing bases, the price of Bitcoin in yesterday’s transactions of the global virtual currency market recorded an increase of 11.5% in just a few hours. Also, regarding today’s market and in accordance with the latest changes observed from the bitcoin market in today’s transactions of the global virtual currency market, each bitcoin bitcoin was priced at 27 thousand and 743 minutes ago.

With the rise in the price of bitcoin and the registration of a new historic ceiling on Christmas Day, society has guessed several reasons for this price increase. Adam Beck, co-founder and CEO of Blockstream, believes that this time, micro-investors instead of corporate investors have finally entered the market and raised the price of BTC. If this analysis is true, we will most likely see short-term price declines as the Bin Quinn Foundation is 15 percent away from today’s figures.

But another reason that led to the growth of bitcoin prices and a positive impact on the market of other digital currencies was the entry of investment companies in this field and confidence in the financial exchanges of this currency code. This week, Bitcoin was triggered by the action of the life insurance company MassMutual, which bought $ 100 million in e-money for its investment fund. This issue was unprecedented until today, and this purchase and entry into the cryptocurrency market entered a new era from today. Because the continuation of this process leads the interests of governments to invest in this field.


*** Bitcoin price stimuli

To examine the flow of research conducted by the insurance company to enter the huge money market, it is enough to refer to the report of the American bank JP Morgan. The insurance company has traditionally been very conservative, so its move to buy bitcoin is seen as a major milestone in the recognition of digital currency, which will drive prices. When insurance companies enter a market with an investment view, it means that one should expect a 100% profitability from the moment of entry for this market, otherwise the investment route becomes very risky due to the high volume of entry and money supply of these companies. . It seems that the company has a very positive and attractive outlook for Bitcoin next year.

On the other hand, we refer to the studies of Goldman Sachs Institute, which has a great impact on shaping global investment routes, and millions of investors annually determine the entry and exit policy based on the signals of this institute. they do. In its latest study on the inter-coin market, the institute said that the growing popularity of bitcoin does not endanger gold, and although the cryptocurrency may reduce demand for gold as the oldest secure investment, the value of the metal Precious will remain stable.


*** Reduce the attractiveness of gold as an investment

Recently, the gold market has adjusted its ceiling by 35% due to the reduction of risks due to the corona and the reduction of political conflicts, and is not very attractive to investors. On the other hand, with the maturity of heavy loans from Chinese banks and the replacement of gold with some loans received by the United States, the amount of gold supply will increase, and this will lead the performance of gold to an unfavorable path.

The recent unfavorable performance of gold against the real estate market and the dollar has worried some investors that Bitcoin may be replacing gold as an option asset in inflation. This is only a cross-cutting concern, as the role of gold is becoming increasingly prominent in global crises, and in the current context, gold trading has declined slightly due to the mere departure of expectations from the corona crisis.

But bitcoin and its pricing rate come with challenges. “Major institutions and investors are avoiding trading in cryptocurrencies because of transparency issues, while micro-investments are making bitcoin an overly risky asset,” Goldman said. “We do not see any evidence that bitcoin competition controls the gold market, and we believe the two can coexist,” it said.


*** High demand for bitcoin

Analysts attribute the currency’s rise to increased investment demand from companies such as Paul Todor Jones and Stanley Draknmiller, and some say the digital currency has just begun to rise in price as demand continues to rise.

The value of bitcoin exploded in the fourth quarter of 2020 It led to a break above $ 20,000 for the first time in the history of Bitcoin. The other day, Bitcoin parted ways with gold and oil and returned to its uptrend. But the color of the yellow and black gold market remained red.

The reason for the decline in gold was the strengthening of the dollar index in the world market. With the strengthening of the dollar index, the gold investor sanctuary came under pressure to sell in transactions. The value of bitcoin has risen recently due to large corporate investments in this virtual currency, but the bubble may be empty.


*** Impact of digital currencies on Iran

An official at the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has claimed that cryptocurrencies did not play a significant role in the economy hit by Iran’s sanctions. According to Mohammad Reza Mani Yekta, deputy director of the CBI’s Office of Payment Systems, “studies” have shown that digital currencies “played no part in circumventing sanctions.”

The non-profit assessment of cryptocurrencies by an Iranian official appears to be at odds with a 2018 report by the House Research Center, which insists on using digital currencies to circumvent US sanctions. According to an Iranian publication that recently approved the “legalization” of the extraction of cryptocurrencies, it now intends to “offer new and effective measures for the national interest of cryptocurrencies.”


*** Currency password value to its highest

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has risen sharply in value over the past year, and throughout the year, Bitcoin mining rewards have peaked after a decade of cryptocurrency activity, and miners are well on their way. They have chosen to invest in the world.

Last year, at the same time as the bankruptcy of banks such as the Lehman Brothers and the collapse of Wall Street, an article was published promising the birth of a new financial system by Satoshi Nakamoto, which today has a market of $ 100 billion. Has achieved and has now become a macroeconomic route around the world.


*** Does the Bitcoin dream come true?

The Bitcoin network generally has 8795 active nodes that are serving the network. But these nodes are different depending on the activity on the main bitcoin network to the activity on the Lightning network and bitcoin swag, which in the picture above you can see the number of each category.

The 13th largest financial fund in the world, the Abu Dhabi Fund, will invest in cryptocurrency technology. The fund has started launching its semi-blockchain technology called midchain and is scheduled to launch the project by the end of 2019. This news has also attracted many foreign investors. It only takes for this to happen for the bitcoin dream to come true.


*** Bitcoin is at the beginning!

Less than a day after spending $ 25,000, Bitcoin is $ 26,000 for the first time. Recently, the leading cryptocurrency surpassed other cryptocurrencies in its row after passing the $ 20,000 key mark for the first time on December 16th.

BTC set $ 25,000 in Bitcoin for the first time in history on Friday night, with BTC rising more than 250% year-on-year. Institutional investors are thought to be helping to break the record.

In addition, the US Federal Reserve, along with other central banks, is printing money to get rid of the worst economic effects of the Corona pandemic as US President Donald Trump has pressured Congress. To approve a larger livelihood package as well. Many of these measures are seen as potential catalysts for inflation, in contrast to which BTC is seen as a barrier.

There are those who think that BTC has just started. A BTC analyst has said that BTC is in its infancy, and this afternoon, the Draper team announced the amount of the cryptocurrency investment on Twitter, saying that the price of the leading cryptocurrency could rise by the end of the year. 2022 tenfold.


*** Digital currency with the longest win since 2019 after falling $ 28,000

Bitcoin is in its longest monthly winning streak in more than a year after hitting a record high of $ 28,000 over the weekend.

The largest cryptocurrency hit a high of $ 28,365 on Sunday, ahead of some pre-orders, according to Bloomberg Composite. The return of large returns in October, November and December is the longest stretch since mid-2019.

“My feeling is that we are very close to a high level – although we can reach $ 30,000,” said the head of trade development with the Luno cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore. “We should definitely see a reversal, but its size is probably smaller than it has ever been. We may only have a 10 to 15 percent drop.”

Bitcoin climbed 3.6% on Monday and traded at about $ 27,260 as of 9:25 a.m. in New York. The cryptocurrency has grown by about 270% this year.


*** Triple the currency code despite the corona

Bitcoin has caught everyone’s eye as its price more than tripled in 2020 amid the outbreak of the coronavirus. Believers see it as a barrier to the weakening dollar and the risk of faster inflation amid the injection of large stimuli, citing the growing interest of institutional buyers. Others question the credibility of Bitcoin as an investment Rand refers to the history of digital currencies in the case of large aggregations and subsequent breakdowns.

Demand for bitcoin is “relentless,” says one digital currency market analyst.

“Bitcoin is still a common Wall Street transaction and may not disappear,” the analyst wrote in a note Monday. “Fluctuations are still high, but now it looks like it will attract buyers in any major fall.”

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