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What happened to Trump in these few days

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Trump's impeachment motion is now being sent to the US Senate for a second vote. Without a Senate vote, the bill would be ineffective, and Trump would be impeached if US senators voted in favor.
What happened to Trump in these few days

The late US President Donald Trump is going through the most difficult days of his political life. In the last days of Trump’s presidency as the law-abiding president of the United States, the policy of maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran is being pursued and repeated by the uncommitted and law-abiding US government as Trump ‘s impeachment is being considered by the US Senate. Is. The issue of sanctions became an excuse to analyze his latest political frame in this section. Please be with Artan Press.


*** Steel activists on Trump ‘s new sanctions list

In a new move, the US Treasury Department has added several steel activists to its US sanctions list, including the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel. In recent days, several Iranian individuals and companies have been added to the US sanctions list in the last days of the Trump administration: “Hamid Reza Azimian” in connection with the Mobarakeh Steel Company of Iran and “Mohammad Reza Modarres Khiabani” in connection with Iran’s shipping lines.

Previously, Mobarakeh Steel Company was boycotted by the United States in four stages, and this time, the CEO of Mobarakeh Steel has been directly sanctioned. Sanctioned Iranian companies: Iran Transfo Company, Zanjan Transformer Distribution Company, Iran Aerospace Industries Organization, Mobarakeh Isfahan Steel Company, Iran Air Industries, Iran Shipping Lines, Iran Maritime Industries Organization, Payam Safiran Darya Marine Company.


*** Trump ‘s impeachment plan approved

On the other hand, the US representatives’ revenge on Iran from Trump. The US House of Representatives approved the plan to impeach “Donald Trump” with a sufficient number of votes. The bill was approved by 229 votes in favor and 197 against. Ten Republican lawmakers voted in favor of the bill.

Trump’s impeachment motion is now being sent to the US Senate for a second vote. Without a Senate vote, the bill would be ineffective, and Trump would be impeached if US senators voted in favor.

Germany’s Der Spiegel has considered the benefits that Trump will be deprived of if approved by the Senate. Most importantly, Trump will be barred from holding public office in the future, as will his re-run in the 2024 presidential election.

If the impeachment is successful, he will have to waive the following benefits under the “former president” law:


*** Consequences of Trump ‘s impeachment for him

First, a lifetime pension of about $ 219,000 a year. Second, $ 1 million a year in travel allowances. Third, the cost of maintaining an office and hiring staff is about $ 96,000 a year. Fourth, the right to treatment in a military hospital and lifelong health insurance. Fifth, his physical protection costs are borne by the government-provided secret service.

In any case, he loses his immunity by leaving the office of the president, and then he can be prosecuted for his role in attacking Congress.

The issue of Trump’s impeachment is a common misconception in Iran, and the issue of impeachment is often confused with the issue of trial. Under the US Constitution, the subject of impeachment is at the discretion of the House of Representatives, and this lower house can vote on the impeachment motion by a simple majority and make it operational.

But the founders of the United States have tried to limit the possibility of the removal of the highest political official and commander-in-chief by the Senate in order to prevent the most important political institution in the country from being influenced by political games and factions in the US Congress.

The US Constitution therefore gives the House of Representatives the power to impeach, but delegates the power to try and oust the President to the Senate to protect the position of the country’s highest political official from day-to-day political conflicts.


*** Condition of Trump’s impeachment

This parliament can only order the removal of a president who has won at least two-thirds of the seats or 67 votes. Therefore, the confusion between the two issues of interpellation, trial and removal is a departure from the standards of American constitutional law.

But now the big challenge is that Trump’s impeachment comes at a time when there are only two days left until January 20 and the transfer of power in the United States, and the US Senate is on vacation until January 19. Trump’s trial can take several forms, given the limited time ahead.


*** Trump’s latest efforts to isolate Iran

But Trump has not been idle in the last few days of his presidency and has made every effort to isolate Iran. Following Iran’s debt of more than $ 16 million to pay for UN membership, the UN Secretary-General has written a letter stating that Iran, along with nine other countries, will not be eligible to vote in the UN General Assembly. Since the United Nations is in the hands of Trump supporters, Trump has tried to neutralize Iran’s vote in this international body.

Among these 10 most poor African countries, Iran’s largest debt. Iran is unable to transfer its funds to foreign banks due to US financial and banking sanctions, and has therefore not paid its debts and membership fees to the United Nations since 2018. Iran’s debt is more than $ 16 million.

According to Article 19 of the Charter of the United Nations, if the United Nations determines that non-payment of membership dues is beyond the authority and control of the debtor country, the organization may exempt the debtor country from the suspension of voting rights.

However, in a January 13 letter, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed that Iran, along with Libya, the Comoros, the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, Principe, Niger, Congo and Zimbabwe, had failed to pay. Membership fees are subject to disqualification for more than 2 years.


*** Extensive US security measures on Biden’s day

The FBI has warned of armed protests in Washington and 50 other states on the eve of Biden’s inauguration, prompting widespread security measures. If Donald Trump is ousted, citing the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, an armed group intends to stage “massive and armed protests” in Washington.

“Armed demonstrations are planned in the assemblies of all 50 US states from January 16 to January 20, and in the US capital this date will probably be from January 17 to 20.”

Trump supporters have reportedly planned to hold a protest in front of Twitter in San Francisco. Trump has now turned to Telegram and published his news through this social network. Senator Chris Murphy said it was unclear whether the National Guard would be enough to protect the capital.


*** Closed and banned on the day of Biden’s inauguration

The mayor of Washington has asked the US Department of Homeland Security to revoke the permits for the January 24 general assembly. In the state capital, governors have announced a state of alert ahead of the inauguration. The city of Washington was closed and closed on the day of its inauguration.

Some cities and states have asked their citizens not to leave their homes on January 20th. The White House also announced on Monday that the president had approved a state of emergency on the occasion of his inauguration in Washington, which runs until January 24.

Trump seems to have reached the end of his political career, and these insecurities in the United States will only benefit China, which is thinking outside the fringes of its own economic growth and maximal market share of goods and services. . So we have to see what the United States will do in the face of this unexpected situation.



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