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Currency 4200 Tomans : Yes or no

شناسه : 40112 ۱۸ بهمن ۱۳۹۹ - ۱۰:۳۷
In response to the question of whether the 4200 Tomans exchange rate policy should continue or not, perhaps only the brokers and traders of government currency agree to continue this path and no impartial person and knowledge of this currency is in the interest of the economy and the people.

In response to the question of whether the 4200 Tomans exchange rate policy should continue or not, perhaps only the brokers and traders of government currency agree to continue this path and no impartial person and knowledge of this currency is in the interest of the economy and the people. But since the case of this currency is almost closed, we are looking to investigate the gaps and damages of this grammatical pricing in the economy. Stay with Artan Press until the end.


*** Removal of 4200 Tomans from next year’s budget

The budget situation for next year is not yet clear, and various scenarios for the exchange rate next year have been proposed. While the parliament is talking about the elimination of 4,200 Tomans in next year’s budget, the president has proposed two exchange rate models a month apart, and it seems that the determination of the dollar exchange rate is not going to be happy in the end. The country is in a situation where it has to plan for next year’s budget, and this planning cannot be baseless. A quick decision must be made immediately for the 4200 Toman currency case.

The determination of the dollar rate by the Rouhani government will be done while the next government, the thirteenth government, will be the main executor, and both the people and the next government will have to bear the damages and possible consequences of wrong decisions. At the cabinet meeting, the President referred to the rate of 25,000 Tomans as an unrealistic rate and believes that with the release of the blocked Iranian money in South Korea, which amounts to 7 billion dollars, the dollar will stand at the rate of 15 to 16 thousand Tomans. . Of course, it should be noted that until the political risks of Iran and the United States end in a safe path, the dollar will not have the traction to enter these prices, and it is expected that this announced rate will be far from reality.


*** $ ۴۲۰۰ Tomans, the cause of large rents and corruption

In a situation where the 4200 Toman soft currency can create a big rent and corruption in the upper echelons of the country’s economy, we should take action to eliminate it as soon as possible. It may be too late today and we should have thought of a solution sooner. . About 34 months ago, Iran’s trade path changed with the first exchange rate policy, which was the announcement of $ 4,200, and a new chapter in exports and imports began. Although this policy provoked widespread opposition among economic activists, economists, and experts, the policymaker, disregarding expert opinions, issued directives following this erroneous decision, each blocking the way for international interactions, both in import and export. Was in export.

It seems that the currency case of 4200 Tomans is to be closed after nearly 3 years. A policy that from the beginning had many margins and always followed a wave of consumer and producer criticism. While the 1400 budget has been considered in the parliament, the parliament is taking more cautious steps to remove this item. But this is where the interests of society as a whole come into play, rather than worrying about the future government’s performance reports. Procrastination is not permissible in circumstances where both the government and the parliament agree to eliminate the 4,200 Toman currency.


*** Disputes between the parliament and the government regarding $ 4,200

But the government and the parliament have always had a constant disagreement over economic indicators. Regarding the 4200 Toman currency, there are also differences between the parliament and the government. Their differences are over time and method of execution. The government is in favor of phasing out, and as mentioned, some goods have been removed from the list over time.

Contradictory statements regarding the allocation of $ 4,200 to medicine were made by members of parliament. While some members of the Joint Commission said that the allocation of $ 4,200 to the drug would continue next year, others called for the policy to be removed from the 1,400 budget. Of course, even if the allocation of this currency is eliminated, there is no clear plan by the representatives on how to redistribute the resources to the groups receiving the medicine. Given these issues, it seems that the representatives’ prescription for the currency of medicine in 1400 is illegible.

Although the parliament’s critical view of the $ 4,200 policies is plausible, it is necessary to clarify all the hidden angles of currency policy reform in the budget. Naturally, with the removal of $ 4,200, the budget exchange rate will change, and a benchmark for exchange rates in the 1400 budget must be specified. The parliament should also present a plan for allocating the resources in the form of a transparent policy package


*** Will the national currency be strengthened by removing the 4200 Tomans currency?

It is a wrong statement to think that by eliminating the exchange rate of 4200 Tomans, we have helped the growth of the national currency strengthening index. The government is not interested in completing the government’s work at this rate in the open market. Therefore, it is looking for a way to reduce the exchange rate. It should be noted that the value of the national currency cannot be maintained or strengthened through the implementation of such policies; Unless they spill some currency in the market to control the exchange rate and the twelfth government does not end up with a very high exchange rate and a lower and better rate is recorded in history (from their own point of view).

The government’s monetary policy is harmful for the year 1400, how much it is possible for such a plan to succeed can not be calculated or even imagined. But as to whether it is beneficial or harmful, it can be said that such policies will not be of any benefit to the country’s economic situation. Given the government’s inflationary policies in the 1400 budget, everyone knows that the possibility of the Biden government returning to Borjam is very high, so that some of the sanctions will be lifted by the end of next year.


*** Remove government currencies from the exchange scene

After the announcement of the legal rate of the dollar by Mr. Jahangiri in 1997, the annual budgets were 4,200 tomans for the import of basic goods. They had in themselves; For example, last year, in compiling the budget of 99, the head of the Program and Budget Organization stated that the two key exchange rates of this year’s financial document were 4,200 and 8,500 tomans. According to him, the exchange rate of 4,200 tomans was allocated to basic goods as usual, and the half-dollar exchange rate of the budget was in the range of 8,000 to 8,000 tomans and 500 tomans.

It seems that in examining the budget for 1400, after three years of large allocations of cheap currency, the government has decided to remove government currencies from the exchange scene or at least reduce its role drastically. On the other hand, the number 11,500 tomans for the dollar is announced by the head of the Program and Budget Organization in a situation where the dollar exchange rate is currently above 25,000 tomans in the national exchange, and thus the market exchange rate is twice as far from the budget currency. This long distance can give the market the wrong address



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