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Plan to modify the scope of changes in the Tehran Stock Exchange

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The issue of changes and reforms in the asymmetric range of the Tehran Stock Exchange is an issue that has been practically current since Saturday this week, and we will see major changes in the future trading of the stock exchange.
Plan to modify the scope of changes in the Tehran Stock Exchange

The issue of changes and reforms in the asymmetric range of the Tehran Stock Exchange is an issue that has been practically current since Saturday this week, and we will see major changes in the future trading of the stock exchange. What is clear is that the changes are moving towards a positive market and we will see a jump in the stock market index, at least in the short term. If the predictions of Iranian stock market policymakers come true, we will see the rapid growth of the total index in the stock market.


*** The first works of stock market fluctuation range correction

Yesterday, the Iranian stock market experienced a positive situation of stability throughout the trading day, and this greenery was due to structural changes in the trading body of the stock exchange. The change in the structure of the total stock index at the end of yesterday’s trading increased by 35,151 units to 1,170,497 units. The total equities index also increased by 4,973 units at the end of today’s trading and reached 420,957 units. During yesterday’s trading, 6 billion shares worth 69,037 billion rials were traded.


*** Some symbols in the stock market are greener

But this tolerance is more visible in some symbols than others because the scales of these stocks were more open in changing the range of fluctuations in the good days of the market. Persian symbols, steel; Famli, Shasta, Kegel, Kachad and Tapico had the most impact on the index, and the most popular symbols were Ghazar, Walpars, Shasta, Asia, Amin, Thabsaz and Samid.


*** OTC compliance with Tehran Stock Exchange

The OTC index also followed the positive market with the help of acceptable stock market growth and we witnessed acceptable growth in this share. The total OTC index at the end of trading on Sunday increased by 278 units to 17 thousand 413 units in this range and in this channel the growth rate of the OTC index is more likely than in place, and this is good news for the coming days of the capital market Be. The symbols of Aria, Zagros, Saba, Koghar, Ghosino, Zob and Bpas were the most influential symbols in the total OTC index. Among them, the symbols of Sepidar, Zemlard, Vespehr, Sharom, Kazgal, Semga and Bipvand were the most traded symbols.


*** Continuation of the trend of excitement in Tehran Stock Exchange

An issue that cannot be separated from the Iranian stock market these days is the issue of both positive and negative emotions in the market. Many people still do not remember that in the summer we were talking about astronomical indices of 8 million and 10 million for the total index. Exactly three months after the historic fall of the Iranian stock market, there was talk of seven hundred thousand indices, which is just as unrealistic and unbelievable. Unfortunately, excitement has become an integral part of the Iranian stock market.


*** Tehran Stock Exchange in the captivity of emotions

Yesterday’s purchases are not comparable to Saturday’s purchases in terms of volume. On Saturday, everyone was aware of this news, and knowing this change in the structure of the stock market, we witnessed the sluggishness of the market. The trades made on these days of the week show that the traders, this time as well, acted as emotionally as the other days, and according to the news that is heard about the market, they have made a purchase. This is at a time when nothing special has happened in the market from a fundamental point of view, and from a technical point of view, the overall index has been supported by approaching the support range of 1.1 million.


*** Challenges of changing the range of fluctuations in Tehran Stock Exchange

Changing the amplitude of the fluctuation cross-sectionally changes the stock market trend, but in the long run the decision is not correct and defensible. We have to accept that the current situation of the stock market has changed and the market wants to reach its real value, and Sharpy growth this year took place despite all the control tools. This decision can be like housing for the stock market and have positive effects in the short term. The continuation of this week’s trading in the stock market seems to be accompanied by a positive atmosphere.


*** Great concern of oscillation amplitude changes

There is a big concern about the change in the stock market ceiling and floor, and that is the heavier supply queues on negative market days. The decisions of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange to change the range of fluctuations can deepen the recession in terms of downtrends; Because the amplitude of the fluctuation has changed from negative 2 to positive 6. On the other hand, with a slight sense of decline signal in the market, we will see heavier queues in sales, and it is likely that the risk of maintaining the share will decrease and the tendency to sell will increase, and this can improve the overall index and reach real value. Challenge shares.


*** Changing the fluctuation range of the capital outflow factor

Experience has shown that changing the range of fluctuations and especially reducing the range can take traders out of the market. Hence, positive market days are likely to be temporary. The range of asymmetric fluctuations is one of the good steps to change the mindset of traders. Since the trust in the stock market has been damaged and the mentality of traders has been disturbed, it is necessary to repair this trust and improve the investment perspective in the stock market. The stock exchange organization is pursuing a more active role than before. Although the psychological atmosphere of the market is disturbed, we are witnessing positive changes in two areas.


*** Continuation of incentives in Tehran Stock Exchange

Unblocking and creating incentives in the two areas of macro-investment (at the scale of industry and legal entities active in the primary market) and micro-investment (real and legal in the stock market and the secondary market) are underway. The organization’s meeting with the parliament and the Ministry of Silence, and possibly in the future with the Ministry of Oil and those in charge of other industries such as automobiles, etc., will create incentives for mobility in these industries and improve the long-term investment horizon, or at least reduce concerns. Good meetings about organizing the situation

Steel and minerals were developed, which has improved the long-term investment outlook in the industry.

In the field of investment in the secondary market, efforts have been made to provide incentives for the presence of real and legal entities, the last of which was asymmetric fluctuations and increased credit, and so on. This is a positive shock to the stock market and its effects are positive in the short term. There is a need to inject liquidity and increase trading volume to continue


*** Effective political factors in the stock market

Evidence is that the agreement to grant IMF loans to Iran to counter the corona and possibly grant sanctions exemptions for the purchase of Iranian oil by a few restricted countries in Asia and the release of a small portion of Iran’s blocked assets and its transfer through Switzerland and For humanitarian purposes, the Instax channel is on Biden’s agenda in the face of Iran’s nuclear program. In return, reciprocal steps will undoubtedly be requested from Iran, which is somewhat in contradiction with the recent parliamentary resolution. However, it seems that all this It should be considered a sign of the beginning of a long negotiation season. But the main question is where is the stock market position in the turmoil of these negotiations?


*** Iran Stock Exchange and Nuclear Negotiations

The Iranian stock market will go in a positive direction if an agreement is reached on renegotiation between Iran and the United States, and we will most likely see this in the next administration. When there is no growth in the gold and foreign exchange market, the stock market does not show a tendency to grow. On the other hand, the real estate market is in a severe recession and practically a large part of the society’s liquidity has been lost in all parallel markets. . The government should think about contractionary policies and use this policy to mobilize markets


*** The stock market is waiting for rapid growth

With the start of market movements, the stock market is definitely the option that will show the most growth. In such a situation, no one dared to sell his share in the sales queue for no reason, and many of the challenges of the stock market were eliminated, and in a short time we saw the balance of the market and its acceptable growth.



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