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Record of steel transactions in 1399 in the Commodity Exchange

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Last year, the volume of steel supplies on the commodity exchange was very significant and acceptable, and large steel companies were able to continue the production path with more strength despite the sanctions. Commodity exchanges can be the beginning of transparency in domestic steel transactions.

The performance of steel companies in the Commodity Exchange last year, despite the ups and downs it brought, is considered acceptable, and many steel companies in the Commodity Exchange were able to offer their products in a more transparent environment than traditional transactions. And make a profit. In the following, we will evaluate the production reports of steel companies. Please be with Artan Press.

*** Growth of steel production and supply in the commodity exchange

The quantity and quality of steel production and supply in the past year is an issue that shows the significant growth of steel trade in Iran. Virtually all of last year’s production was consumed and warehouses were almost empty at the end of the year. Last year, steel companies met up to 12 tons of the country’s needs for steel products through the Commodity Exchange with maximum transparency. In terms of Rials, the record of steel transactions in Iran was accompanied by a significant growth and exceeded 130,000 billion tomans. This dramatic growth has been unprecedented in recent years, especially at the height of US sanctions.

*** The most successful steel companies in the commodity exchange

But among the steel companies, the nominees for the best companies were three companies, Mobarakeh Isfahan Steel, Khuzestan Steel and Isfahan Steel, respectively, which had the highest sales revenue last year. Despite the fact that in these three companies, trading took place in the form of matching in some periods of time, but they were able to sell a significant part of their products in the commodity exchange.

*** Evaluating the market growth of steel companies in the commodity exchange

The market volume of selected steel companies has also grown significantly in the past year. The growth of the market volume of these companies will make the stock exchanges of these groups attractive in the future after the financial inspection reports and capital increase, and in practice, the commodity exchange in the steel sector can improve and clarify the outlook of Tehran Stock Exchange this year.

Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company with sales of more than 4.8 million tons of products worth 58.1 thousand billion Tomans, Khuzestan Steel Company with sales of 1.3 million tons of products worth 12.2 thousand billion Tomans and Isfahan Steel with sales of 965 thousand tons The product worth 9.3 thousand billion tomans were the most profitable steel companies supplying the commodity exchange last year.

*** Transparency is the main purpose of stock trading

Last year was a year of strategic foundation and practical adherence to commodity exchange trading. This trend may have been operational in the second half of the year, but it was able to direct most of the stock exchange transactions to the commodity exchange. Last year, efforts were made to oblige companies to offer their products on the commodity exchange; This year, efforts should be made to guide these companies to ensure transparency in how to sell and how to arrange supply baskets.

*** Risks and threats of commodity exchange transactions

But along with the growth of commodity exchange transactions, we must also take a look at the threats that have remained in this market since last year. Game b supply and rigidity in commodity exchange trading is an issue that has hurt the end buyer in a situation and last year we saw sluggish markets due to speculation. Care should be taken so that suppliers do not play with supply, ie how to arrange the contents of the supply basket, especially ribbed rebar; It should be a bargain, not just an escape from responsibility, and the basket should be arranged in an unconventional way with the intention of not meeting the demand.

*** Pay attention to the guidance of rebar transactions

The peak of speculation last year was in the field of rebar. Because this Ella plays a role in many small and large structures, and in fact, a wide market of buyers and sellers has formed around this product. Last year, Milligard trading on the commodity exchange was accompanied by many fluctuations. In the new year, measures should be taken so that rebar suppliers do not play with the market in the coming weeks by reducing the tonnage. Because repeating this issue can be considered a disaster for the Iranian Commodity Exchange.

*** Focus on portfolio management of steel companies

The portfolio management of steel companies should be done under the supervision of commodity exchange makers. The most important point is that measures should be considered so that a company does not think that it can pick up its supply portfolio in any way it wants; And then the lack of luck in applying for a scholarship; Give its main product to a few people outside the commodity exchange and they should work with pricing and marketing.

*** Alloy steel record in commodity exchange

The track record of alloy steel companies is also assessed in good condition. These companies in the upstream steel chain were able to record about 8% growth in their record last year compared to the previous year. A study of the performance statistics of the Alloy Steel Company from the beginning of 1999 to the end of March shows the production of 467,376 tons of products by these companies, which is also considered very satisfactory due to rising production costs in the alloy steel sector. .

*** Evaluation of Rial value of alloy steel transactions

The rial value of alloy steel products is also an issue that has grown significantly in the past year. According to the statistics published by Kedal system, Alloy Steel Company succeeded in producing 385,133 tons of alloy products and 70,155 tons of engineering products in the first 12 months of last year. During this period, 2,706 tons of alloy products and 9,382 tons of engineering products were produced for sale in export markets.

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