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Tehran Stock Exchange at the beginning of 1400

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Tehran Stock Exchange has gone through ups and downs and despite the gathering of some sales queues, it still does not have a positive outlook. For 5 consecutive days, the stock exchange started operating in the new year, with prices falling and sales queues forming.
Tehran Stock Exchange at the beginning of 1400

Iran Stock Exchange has started the new year with consecutive red days and despite optimism for the future, we have not yet heard of the beginning of a stable positive trend in the Tehran Stock Exchange. Perhaps one of the reasons that has led the stock exchange to this direction is the lack of a plan The stock exchange is against the shareholders. We hear a lot these days that the stock market can no longer be analyzed. This is perhaps the bitterest sentence that can be made about the stock market with the participation of 50 million Iranians. Please stay with Artan Press until the end.

*** The ups and downs of the Tehran Stock Exchange

Tehran Stock Exchange has gone through many ups and downs. Last year, the stock market index crossed the 2 million mark, and in the same year and less than 4 months, there was talk of 900 thousand indexes, but both of these numbers were just excitement that ordinary and novice people gave to the stock market and caused heavy losses to stockholders. He brought. What is clear is that the stock market has entered a stream since last year, for which it has become very difficult to predict and determine the outlook.

*** Government inaction in organizing the Tehran Stock Exchange

Unfortunately, the government has abandoned the stock market in the last months of its operation, while it could have left a better record in this area. It is true that some activists believe that positive days are waiting for the Iranian stock market, but the timing of this issue is in a haze of ambiguity. In addition to abandoning its stock market performance appraisal systems, the government is doing little. This could increase the costs for the next government.

*** Inflationary budget 1400 a threat to the capital market

With a budget of 1,400, the government has practically hit the key to inflation this year. This year’s budget is highly inflationary, and the next government will start with a significant debt. In this situation, people will no longer trust the stock market, and in practice, this tool has become a burnt nut. Although officials are optimistic about the future of the stock market, developments in the stock market are a little worrying.

*** A look at the latest developments in the Tehran Stock Exchange

It is not bad to look at today’s stock trading. While one hour has passed since the end of trading, the overall index has fallen by 0.5 percent. The overall equities index also fell 0.15 percent. In OTC, although limited, we see a growth of 24 units of the total index. Today, some sales queues have gathered, but the face of the mold in the stock market is the decline of the market and the reversal of the stock market, and in the most optimistic case, the fear of buying in the current market transactions.

The red duplicate scene on the market map continues today, with 90% of stocks trading in negative territory. The value of transactions is still low despite the growth compared to yesterday, and the market is in recession. It remains to be seen whether there will be a change in the markets due to tomorrow’s negotiations.

*** The role of asymmetric domain in the decline of the stock index

The asymmetric domain was practically an orderly decision for the Iranian stock exchange. Stock market activists complain about the margins around the capital market and believe that these margins are increasing day by day, so that people who do not have the expertise and experience to work in this market worsen the situation with some interventions and non-expert comments. Stock market activists are in favor of removing the range of asymmetric fluctuations, but it seems that policymakers are not in a hurry in this regard.

*** Adherence of Commodity Exchange to Tehran Stock Exchange

The Commodity Exchange is not in a stable position following the Tehran Stock Exchange. For some time now (since mid-March), regulators have focused only on the maximum supply of producers on the commodity exchange, and it has been assumed that the average closing rate of commodity exchange transactions; Equivalent to the base rate of next week’s supply.

The biggest disadvantage of this mechanism is that; The base rate will never be negative; That is, currently defined in this way, the roadmap to the commodity exchange in steel supplies is accompanied by “stability” or “increase”. Of course, earlier in the latest procedure, it was stated that if the volume of supply in three consecutive supply is less than 50% of the demand; The base supply rate will be reduced by 5% for the fourth time; However, it is not clear whether this decree is still valid or not.

*** Impact of Tehran Stock Exchange on political developments

The Tehran Stock Exchange and the Commodity Exchange are strongly influenced by political issues in the current situation. Given the atmosphere of non-transparency in the political sphere, experts believe that returning to Borjam and in return for not returning to Borjam and the escalation of sanctions will be two scenarios that will affect the future trend of the stock market. One scenario is the short-term impact of negative emotions on the market and the beginning of positive stock days. The second scenario shows a recession and negative stabilization of the market by the end of the summer and the start of the new government and the slow and continuous trading of the stock market this year, which is more likely.

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