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Housing prices rise with “vacant house tax”

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In the current situation, housing prices are considered as a major challenge in the Iranian economic system. The issue of taxation on vacant houses is an issue that can lead the housing market in a favorable direction in practice. However, the implementation of this policy shows that there is a long way to go to improve the situation in this direction.
Housing prices rise with “vacant house tax”

Housing rates are going through critical days. Practically, housing is at a crossroads of unreasonable price increases, regardless of transactions and the volume of demand from one profit, and on the other hand, a sharp drop in prices and rising prices to burst the price bubble that should have happened a year ago. Is located. In this situation, there are resistances like vacant house tax in both directions, some of which are in the path of empty houses. In the following, we will explain this issue. Please be with Artan Press.

*** Control and monitoring of vacant housing

The story of controlling vacant homes and taxing them began when there was talk of monitoring vacant homes and made the proposition more serious. This route was not considered a prudent route in the beginning. But the government is trying to fix the unhealthy situation of the real estate market in addition to earning money. In this regard, all heads of households and owners of residential units, from April 10, are required to enter the information of residence and property under their ownership within 2 months in the real estate system.

*** The need for pathological studies in the housing tax plan

But the reasons for this must be rooted out and the work must proceed with pathology. To many people, this policy has definite ways to evade taxes. But the government says it has taken all aspects into account. But do not forget to aim. This is in order to identify vacant houses and collect taxes from people who do not offer their property in the market of sale or mortgage. The beginning of this process, although wrong, can take the right path with some improvements. It is enough to take a look. Let’s look at the statistics of the target community of this policy. More than 1.8 million people own more than one home, of which 1.3 million have sent self-declared text messages to determine the status of their property.

*** Set a heavy tax rate on vacant house

Tax rates are set in such a way that the majority of people do not seem to prefer to keep their homes empty. To authenticate the owners and residents of the houses, the real estate system will be connected to the registry office soon. It has been said before that if the owner does not register or his house information is incorrect and incomplete, the house will be considered empty and will be subject to a tax penalty. If tenants do not register, their subsidies will be cut and they will be deprived of banking services.

*** A seemingly big step in controlling housing rates

In April of this year, a big step has been taken to control unbridled prices in the housing market. From April 7, all owners must register their property information in the real estate and housing system to determine whether their residence status is vacant or uninhabited for tax purposes; Of course, houses located in cities with a population of less than 100,000 and villages will not be taxed, but must be registered in the system.

*** Comprehensive opinion of all forces in controlling housing rates

Regarding the background of this plan, it should be said that many of the main pillars of the country have been involved in this regard, and this issue has a full legal aspect. This plan was initially presented in the parliament with some objections, which were finally approved by the Guardian Council after the amendments, which brought the plan one step closer to implementation. The government also decided on the tax rate. According to the law of direct taxes, every residential unit in cities with more than 100,000 people that, according to the National Real Estate and Housing System, does not live or use for a total of more than 120 days per tax year, is recognized as an empty house and subject to tax. It becomes.

*** Predict the time of taxation

This process will probably take four months to become operational. Therefore, the first tax levied on vacant homes will be in August 1400, equal to half the value of the monthly rent. The main purpose of the tax on vacant houses was to impose a heavy tax penalty that no citizen would leave their house vacant. Therefore, in order for a house to be considered empty, a definition must be provided for it. The house must be empty for 4 months to be taxed, so it is expected that the tax will start from August 1400. If operated at this speed, in the first six months of this year, we will see a balance in housing rates in metropolitan areas.

*** Wrong in the declared rates of housing tax

But there have been a number of mistakes in the implementation of the tax on vacant homes that have worried people and the authorities must be held accountable. One official said the tax rate was six times the monthly rent, while another said it was half the monthly rent, raising concerns. However, the law states that the housing tax rate is 2 to 3 percent, and these figures are not in line with the housing tax law.

*** Property tax threat for small towns

Another issue that is a concern for small towns is the issue of their tax exemption. In this way, with this exemption, we will practically see the influx of capital to them and the increase in housing prices in small cities, and in practice, this issue will create a disorder in the field of housing. In addition to this issue, we can mention the discrimination that is intended for legal owners. This exemption has no place in the law and this issue throws the ball in the field of policymakers and has created a bias regarding tax collection in the form of a flaw.

*** The biggest risk of the tax on vacant house

But the biggest risk posed in the vacant home tax can be boldly and confidently to the risk of risky home-based transactions.

document announced. These houses are exempt from the process of self-declaration and are practically unthinkable. Continuation of this process can encourage people to enter into transactions for undocumented housing, which has a very high investment and national risk, and every year a significant part of property fraud cases are allocated to these houses and witness We have been scenarios where a house has been sold to 60 people. This threat can be institutionalized in the real estate market without serious preparation.

*** Wrong way in implementing the tax law

Problems with the Empty House Tax Law do not end here. The government has proposed that a system be developed in which vacant homes for sale, mortgage and rent are registered in the system, and by announcing this desire to sell, they are exempt from paying taxes. This severely damages the sluggish market of real estate and construction consulting, effectively prolonging the tax collection process and only buying time for the landlord to avoid paying taxes.

*** Attractive essence and dysfunctional interior

This law is inherently a good and efficient law. But in the current situation, there is no hope for its effectiveness. The government must receive an annual property tax, which is stated in the text of the law. It is not surprising that the government is reluctant to try this path, which has been successfully experienced in the world. With the current situation, the failure of the housing market regulator to use the weakest tax leverage to counter property hoarding was revealed.

*** Housing is a national crisis

Regarding the real estate system and the non-cooperation of organizations and institutions, as well as the law on vacant houses, I do not say that these actions are dramatic, but they are certainly ineffective. All officials and people must first accept that housing is a national crisis with far-reaching social, economic, political and even security consequences. When it is said that more than 85% of the income of working families and employees is spent on housing, this shows that housing is not a simple commodity that we leave to the market system for pricing.

*** Why should tax law calculations be misplaced?

The demands of the people from the members of parliament are very clear. It is not really clear where this volume of miscalculations comes from. The demand of the people from the MPs is that the cost price should be the criterion for housing pricing and after 110 years since the establishment of the first National Assembly, housing pricing should be legalized. If cost is the pricing criterion, it is safe to say that housing prices will fall by 40 to 80 percent.

*** Malignant tumor housing pricing

Housing has entered equations in which we have seen fewer days in the Iranian economy similar to the current situation. In practice, the extravagance and habit of landlords to double or triple the rate of housing has caused this market to face low supply and low demand. The added value of all investments in dilapidated homes is absolute zero. But price jumps of more than 100 percent a year have turned housing into a huge economic black hole, which has the power to swallow all of the country’s investments. This false attraction is destructive to the economy.

*** Pay attention to the hidden points of threats in the housing market

The government should know that not all pricing games end with property alone. Housing policy makers should know that if they want to control the price of property, in addition to the cost price, false advertisements need to be organized and the prices announced in the advertisements for sale should be based on self-declaration and taxation. If they want to calculate the price of land, in a 50% partnership contract, whatever the cost of construction is, the same amount of land will be spent. Other ways to find out housing prices are to look at the prices listed in housing tenders and companies’ balance sheets.

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