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Increase in the price of discovered commodity exchange

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The boom in the commodity exchange these days is at a crossroads in the growth of the dollar. If the dollar grows, the path of price growth in the commodity Bruce is guaranteed.
Increase in the price of discovered commodity exchange

Examination of news and analytical bases shows the growth of appendix and pandemic prices in Tehran Commodity Exchange. This can put pressure on the buyer who has been exploring the opportunity for some time. In the current situation, this issue can lead to the growth of the Tehran Stock Exchange and the value of the stock market as much as possible, it remains to be seen how stable and stabilized this path will be. We will deal with this issue in the following. Please be with Artan Press.

*** The role of steel in the prosperity of the commodity exchange

Most of Iran’s commodity exchange is industrial and mineral products. One of the largest trading baskets of the Commodity Exchange is the steel sector, the performance of which has always led to growth and prosperity, and vice versa to stagnation and falling prices in the Commodity Exchange. In the current situation of the market, steel is considered favorable, and this will help the growth of prices and transactions in the commodity exchange. The CEO of the Commodity Exchange has recently mentioned that in the new year in the field of steel, there is a coherent plan that has planned the entire steel chain in the stock exchange. In this analysis, we will discuss the role of the steel market in the prosperity of the Commodity Exchange.

*** The ideal of executing all transactions in the Commodity Exchange Hall

Of course, the extent to which this is achieved is an issue that project managers and stock exchange planning have different views on its completion. Therefore, those involved are looking for the entire steel chain to enter the commodity exchange transactions with minimal conflict and conflict. This issue will definitely proceed in a phased manner. But every time the percentage of progress of this project is announced, we will see more transparent transactions and more and more prosperity in stock exchange transactions.

*** The role of the dollar price in increasing the discovery of commodity exchange price

The boom in the commodity exchange these days is at a crossroads in the growth of the dollar. If the dollar grows, the path of price growth in the commodity Bruce is guaranteed. In this regard, the average buying and selling rate of half a dollar remittance yesterday was about 22,800 Tomans recorded in the National Exchange Board, which according to today’s report of Metal Bulletin with a bar of about 570 dollars / ton of Iranian exports; The discrepancy shows about 17%. Applying a 2.5% increase in the base ingot price by the steel market maker for tomorrow’s offerings could not have kept the domestic rate of about 20% from the export rate. But since the market is growing, this is practically the case. We have also received a signal from the dollar that the market maker plans to maintain price growth on the steel-based commodity exchange.

*** Dollar signals are not a sufficient condition

But dollar signals for the commodity exchange should not be enough. We evaluate export prices based on Metal Bulletin reports. An analysis of the journal’s analytical reports shows that most steel prices are on the rise, with a limited number declining. According to the report, the price of a tonne of CIS FOB Black Sea export billet rose $ 6 to $ 582. Is.

*** Take a look at the role of cis prices in the commodity exchange boom

But in the case of slabs, the situation is slightly different. The slabs of this region along with billets and Iran FOB Persian Gulf export slabs were unchanged. Southern European rebar exports also rose $ 2.5 to $ 577.5 per tonne. If we evaluate this growth in a two-week period, it shows a growth of about 3% in the steel basket of the cis region. This issue will flow like a wave to the prices of the Iranian Commodity Exchange and we will see the growth of prices in this market.

*** Redirect the price of international commodities

The CIS export ingot has been moving in an upward direction since the beginning of 1399 until today, and then, due to the formation and subsequent completion of the triangle pattern, it has almost reached critical points. Given the changes and price jumps in export markets and the two-week average of the CIS area, we are likely to see a stabilized price growth in this part of the steel market as well.

We know that the export price of steel is going up, cis ingots were priced at $ 575.5 / ton yesterday; The export rate of Iran’s final products such as rebars or profiles has risen by at least about $ 20 per ton since yesterday, but the main issue now is only the dollar rate, which I think the central bank is now able to reduce, given the circumstances. Purchasing volumes are likely to boom as the dollar depreciates.

*** Political factors in the balance of the commodity exchange

Some economic experts consider supporting the export of products of major producers of the country and ensuring the finalization of negotiations as one of the most important reasons for maintaining the current exchange rate levels in the range of 24-25 thousand Tomans.

On the current exchange rate of the dollar and according to the export rate of Iran’s final product; $ 520 rebar and $ 880 profile, considering the dollar rate of 22,700 Tomans of remittance and about 25,000 Tomans of banknotes, it can be said that in the domestic market, profiles range in price from 21,000 to 23,000 and ribbed rebar in the range of 12,500 to 13. 500 Tomans, including taxes, will fluctuate and it is not possible to evaluate the price discovery with high accuracy in this section of the commodity exchange.

*** Evaluate the dollar fall scenario

If the price of the dollar falls sharply. It is in this context that all markets will sooner or later be doomed to retreat; Of course, it is not clear how long this process will take if it is realized, because you know the production process in the steel supply chain is layered and it will take weeks or maybe months for the raw materials to adapt to the new exchange rate and inflation in general.

Are time consuming. Therefore, changes in the discovered price of the commodity exchange are not a momentary function of the variables affecting prices. Therefore, it can be said with more confidence that the boom in stock exchange trading will increase will remain stable in the market.

*** The scope of commodity exchange transactions

The scope of commodity exchange trading is likely to grow this year. In the downstream area, attempts have been made to enter into contracts with markets that have never been on the stock exchange, such as guilds, in 1400 so that they can also buy on the stock exchange.

For example, a company that works in the field of cutting steel sheets or in the field of slabs or ingots must also enter the commodity exchange through a mechanism with the opinion of policy makers. Under these conditions, the size of the commodity exchange in Iran will increase day by day, and this heavy body will help stabilize possible growth these days. Because the entry of some goods in the stock exchange is like selling the initial public offering in the Tehran Stock Exchange.

*** Take a look at premium discovery deals

Premium discovery deals are among the deals that ease the consumer’s mind about the supply of goods and these deals are developing. Trading currently in vacuum baton is also expanding to products such as petrochemicals, and the concerns of many downstream industries will be addressed by launching premium discovery deals to supply their goods. Other expert disputes seem to have been resolved, and everyone has come to the conclusion that prescription pricing is not the cure for many commodities. That is, we must either witness orderly pricing or adhere to supply-demand pricing.

*** Assess the role of mass producers in the prosperity of the commodity exchange

Another issue that clarifies the trading perspective of the Commodity Exchange is the issue of mass production and the entry of their trading parameters into the Commodity Exchange. These companies, which are necessarily forced to supply all their products in the commodity exchange, cause the value indicators of the commodity exchange to prosper as much as possible and the prices to compete with the global market.

The challenge of the price of construction materials over the past year has made the country’s policymakers think about using the financial instruments of the Commodity Exchange to regulate the growing trend of housing prices.

*** Possibility of improving transparency in the commodity exchange

If the mass production channel of mass producers is established in the commodity exchange, we will see the growth and prosperity of prices in the commodity exchange. In this situation, companies such as Mobarakeh Steel will not need machining transactions and the profit from the sale of steel will go to the pockets of the real buyer and operator. On the other hand, the use of commodity exchange financial instruments to cover the risk of fluctuations in material prices, especially in mass production projects is common in the world; However, despite the prevalence of commodity price fluctuations in the country’s market, the use of these tools has not been widespread.

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