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The American media fuss over the trigger mechanism

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The United States has recently equipped its media team to demonstrate its readiness to return to sanctions to show that it has lifted the trigger mechanism against Iran. The United States had left because of the withdrawal, and only the United States seeks to create a positive psychological atmosphere in its foreign policy.

Americans are masters of media content that may not have much of an impact on the process of global equations, and they only want to steer global thought in a direction that is more privileged to them. The withdrawal of the United States from the plan to implement the trigger mechanism in the Security Council occurred after the proposal was rejected in the Security Council and its presence or absence will not have much effect. In effect, the Security Council ousted the United States, and the United States took advantage of this. In the following, we will discuss the details of this plan. Please be with Artan Press.


*** Trump is the architect and inaugurator of the trigger mechanism against Iran

Trump was the architect and inaugurator of the trigger mechanism against Iran. But the continuation of these actions paved the way for his removal from world politics. In practice, the smoke of these actions went out of his sight and he left the White House in a situation where he received the least support from Europeans and Easterners. It was a symbol of a strong but enduring flame that engulfed the world for a while and eventually deviated from politics without any achievement.

After a series of measures to make Borjam fruitless and ineffective in order to put maximum pressure on Iran and the country’s economy, Trump raised the issue of the trigger mechanism in a situation where he was no longer a member of Borjam. It was in October of this year that Trump, in the last months of his presidency, unilaterally activated the “trigger mechanism” against Iran, relying on power on the one hand and disregard for law and order on the other. He also expected the main UN power, which is in the hands of the Security Council, to join the trigger mechanism, which failed, and decided to pursue UN sanctions alone, with global influence and fear embedded in the superpower’s international structure. .


*** What is the trigger mechanism?

But what is the trigger mechanism? This is a question that may have arisen for many people in dealing with this keyword. In practice, this mechanism is a way to pressure Iran to fulfill its obligations. The trigger mechanism is perhaps the highest level of economic and political pressure on Iran. It must be considered. The mechanism would allow a Borjam participant to seek the reinstatement of multilateral sanctions against Iran lifted in 2015 under Security Council Resolution 2231.

But the problem is that the United States must be a member of the UN Security Council in order to activate this mechanism. Trump’s America had spoken of the trigger mechanism in a situation that was out of the nuclear deal. The United States is no longer participating in the UN Security Council on May 8, 2018. As a result, the alleged declaration under paragraph 11 of Security Council Resolution 2231 (2015), which the United States sent to members of the Security Council, has no legal effect. Consequently, any decision or action taken on the basis of this process or its possible consequences has no legal effect.


*** Biden’s goal is to undo the trigger mechanism

Recently, when the United States stopped implementing the trigger mechanism, it should be noted that this was an issue that the United Nations had revoked from the United States, and of course Biden did not want to take the first action on Iran upon entering the White House. Bayden is trying to negotiate with Iran over Borjam if favorable conditions arise, and he knows full well that entering into this scenario could delay the negotiation process for both sides. With the issue that he has stopped implementing the trigger mechanism, he started to create an emotional atmosphere in the world political atmosphere.


*** The United States has no decision to return to Barjam

The Americans have not made a serious decision to return to Borjam. Rather, they have decided to negotiate with Iran through parallel lobbies. The fact that the United States wants to attend the P4 + 1 meeting with Iran as a guest was in fact the same issue that was discussed earlier. Previously, Trump was looking for this issue because these meetings ended in a meeting between the two presidents and practically followed the election feeding of the Trump administration. Negotiations and talks were a precondition for Iran, but the United States did not give in to this issue. We practically saw that no meeting took place and this issue caused inflammation in the Iranian markets.


*** The abolition of the trigger mechanism is not a definitive action of the Biden government

At first glance, some may think that this behavior of the US government is a positive step. But more time is needed for this issue, because the abolition of the trigger mechanism of the Biden administration is not a definite action and this issue should be the fruit of UN and Council power. He knew security. Of course, there is no denying that good positive steps have been taken, but it should be noted that the main steps have not been taken yet, and these are all just propaganda and slogan behaviors. The Biden government has a long way to go to establish and implement its election slogans regarding engagement with Iran.


*** The most effective way is to return to Barjam

If the Biden government wants to advance its goals of resolving the problems of the Middle East, the best and most effective way is to return to the BJP. Untying the current knot can only be done with the practical lifting of sanctions, and if the US government really wants to show goodwill, Mr. Biden can easily, with one signature, repeal all of Mr. Trump’s executive orders to impose extra-legal sanctions on Iran. And then if Iran does not return to its obligations in the UN Security Council, they can claim.


*** Devaluation of the dollar

The US government should be more cautious about international agreements. To this day and after the end of the Trump administration, the dollar is worth enough in the market Global liberation has declined, and this is not just a political deal, and could have economic consequences for the country if the United States does not adhere to it. In any case, the United States withdrew from Borjam and imposed 850 illegal sanctions against Iran, and it should not be easy to return to Borjam, as if nothing had happened.


*** Iran’s position on Barjam

Iran’s position on Barjam must be firm, regardless of the psychological climate that emanates from Europeans and Americans. Iran has suffered greatly from the duplicitous behavior of the West and there is no room for repeating past mistakes. This is not the first time Americans have done this, and it will not be the last unless they are given a hard lesson.

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